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Hawaiian Crown Princess Victoria Kaiulani

Princess Victoria Kaiulani became second in line to the Hawaiian throne when her uncle, David Kalakaua, became king. She became the crown pricess, and first in line for the throne when her aunt Lydia Liliuoklanai became queen in 1891. The princess never became queen herself because her aunt was deposed, the Hawaiian Monarchy was overthrown, and Hawaii was annexed by the United States. Princess Kaiulani died about a year after the annexation at the age of 23. Some people believe she died of a broken heart.

Princess Victoria Kaiulani
Photo Credit: Hawaii State Archives

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Born: October 16, 1875
Died: March 6, 1899

Her Birth
Princess Victoria Kaiulani was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on October 16, 1875. Her full name was Victoria Kawekiu Lunaliko Kalaninuiahilapalapa Kaiulani Cleghorn. Her Uncle David Kalakaua became king of Hawaii the year before she was born, and she was second in line for his thrown, after her elderly aunt Lydia Liliuokalani. Princess Kaiulani was the first "hapa haole" (half western) direct heir to the Hawaiian thrown because her mother was Hawaiian and her father was Scottish.

Her Parents
Princess Kaiulani's mother was Miriam Likelike, who became a princess when her brother David Kalakaua became king of Hawaii. Her father was Scottish businessman and horticulturist Archibald Scott Cleghorn, who later became a governor of Oahu.

Her Childhood Home
Princess Kaiulani was given ten acres of land in Waikiki at the time of her baptism. The land was a gift from her godmother, Princess Ruth. Kaiulani's father built a two story home on the land and he also created several lily ponds and created beautiful gardens using plants from all over the world. Kaiulani's mother named the estate "Ainahau".

Almost Bethrothad to a Japanese Prince
When King Kalakaua visited Japan in 1881 he was welcomed by the emperor of Japan. During that visit, Kalakaua proposed proposed bethrothing his 5 year old niece Princess Kaiulani to Japanese Prince Komatsu Akihito. The offer was neither accepted or reected at the time but later the prince wrote to King kalakaua and explained that a marriage had already been arranged for him when he was very young.

The Death of her Mother
Princess Likelike died at age 36 when Princess Kaiulani was still a child.

Her Education in Europe
In 1889, not long after her mother had passed away, and when she was 13 years old, Princess Kaiulani was sent to England to be educated. She was not happy about being sent there, but because she was expected to one day become queen of the Hawaiian Kingdom it was considered necessary for her to have a western education and become knowledgeable about and become comfortable with western cultures. She went to school at the Great Harrowden Hall School for Girls in Northamptonshire, England.

Her Brief Time as the Crown Princess
King David Kalakaua died in San Francisco in 1891, while Kaiulani was studying in England. When he died Kaiulani's aunt, Lydia Liliuokalani became queen and Princess Kaiulani became the crown Princess of the Hawaiian Kingdom. Kaiulani never became queen becauseLiliuoklanai was deposed in 1893.

Protesting the Annexation of Hawaii
When Princess Kaiulani heard the Hawaiian Kingdom had been overthrown she traveled from England to New York City, Boston, and Washington DC to prevent the annexation of Hawaii by the United States. She made speaches and participated in negotiations, and she even met with President Grover Cleveland. Her efforts to prevent the United States from annexing Hawaii were not successful. On July 4, 1894 the existance of a new Republic of Hawaii was declared and Sanford Dole was inaugerated as its president. Hawaii became the U.S. Territory of Hawaii when it was formally annexed in 1898 by the United States.

The Death of Princess Kaiulani
The princess returned to Hawaii and her beloved Ainahau estate 1897. In 1898 she became ill after she was caught in a storm while horseback riding on the Big Island of Hawaii. She returned to Oahu but her health never recovered. Princess Kaiulani died on March 6, 1899, at the age of 23, the year after the United States annexed Hawaii. It was said that her beloved flock of peacocks at Ainahau screamed in unison at the moment she died.

Photos of Princess Kaiulani
Pictures of Princes Victoria Kaiulani from the time she was a baby until shortly before her death age age 23.

A Statue of the Princess in Waikiki
A beautiful bronze statue of Princess Kaiulani feeding her peacocks was erected at in Waikiki, on the former grounds of the Aianahau estate, in October of 1999.

Books About Princess Kaiulani
Two of these six books are profiles and biographies of Princess Kaiulani's One of the books is a highly ficionalized story that has been critized by some forincluding romantic encounters between the princess and writer Robert Louis Stevenson. Three of these six books were written for children or for young adults.

A Movie About Princess Kaiulani's Life
British filmmaker Marc Forby will begin shooting a movie about the life of Princess Kaiulani in the fall of 2007

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