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Queen Lydia Liluokalani

Articles and information about Queen Lydia Liluokalani of Hawaii.

Queen Lydia Liluokalani
Photo Credit: Hawaii State Archives

Queen Lydia Liluokalani
Born: September 2, 1838
Died: November 11, 1917
Ruled: January 20, 1891 - November 11, 1917

Her Birth and Childhood
Lydia Kamakaeha was born in Honolulu on September 2, 1838. She was adopted shirtly after her birth by Abner Paki and his wife Laura Konia, a grandaughter of King Kamehameha I. After she was adopted she was known as Lydia Liliuokalani Paki and sometimes as Lydia Kamakaeha Paki. She grew up alongside the Paki's natural daughter Princess Bernice Pauahi.

Her Marriage
The future Queen Liliuokalani married John Owen Dominis on September 16, 1862. They never had any children but she named her sister's daughter Princess Victoria Kaiulani as her heir. Unfortunatley Princess Kaiulani died at the young age of 23, but she lived long enough to witness the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

Becoming Heir to the Thrown
Liliuokalani became heir to the Hawaiian thrown When her brother, King David Kalakaua, became King. She became queen at age 50 when King Kalakaua died on January 17, 1891. Her neice and heir, Princess Kaiulani, was bout 16 at the time.

Attempt to Restore Power to the Monarchy
Liliuokalani was unpopular among Hawaii residents who wanted to become part of the United States because she believed Hawaii should be for the Hawaiians and she was not willing to give as much power to foreign businesses and governments as some of the Hawaiian Kings had before her. Shortly after becoming queen, she tried to replace the existing "Bayonet Constitution" with a new Hawaii Constitution that would restore more powers to the Hawaiian monarchy.

Overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy.
The Hawaiian subjects who opposed her (who were primarily of European ancestry) declared that by trying to overturn Hawaii's constitution she had abdicated her duties as queen. She was deposed on January 17, 1893 and a provisional government of Hawaii was installed. A report commissioned by U.S. President Grover Cleveland concluded that the overthrow of the hawiian monarchy was illegal and on November 16, 1893 he offered to give the thrown back to her if she would grant amnesty to every one involve din the overthrow. She initially declined and said they would be subject to the death penalty. She changed her mind about amonth later, but it was too late. On July 4, 1894 the "Republic of Hawaii" was proclaimed and Sanford B. Dole became its first President. The United States immediately recognized the new government.

Overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy.
n 1895, a group of native Hawaiians led by Robert Wilcox, tried to return the queen to power. After several days of fighting they were captured. Weapons were found buried in the Queen's flower garden and she was arrested and held for eight months as a prisoner in a room of the Iolani Palace. She was charged with not reporting treason. She was found guilty and sentenced to pay a $5000 fine and five years at hard labor, but the sentence was never carried out. She abdicated the throne in 1895.

Retirement and Death
The territorial ligislature of Hawaii gave the former queen an annual income of $4000 per year and she lived at her family home, Washington Place, until she died of a stroke on on November 11, 1917 at age 79.

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