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Oahu Attractions by Location/h1>
Information about visitor attractions on the See also more about Oahu Attractions our Oahu Travel Guide and our guides to Other Hawaiian Islands.

Pearl Harbor
- Pearl Harbor National Memorial
- Pearl Harbor National Memorial - Basic Information
- Pearl Harbor National Memorial - Plan Your Visit
- Pearl Harbor National Memorial - Historic Sites
- Pearl Harbor National Memorial - Battleship Row
- Pearl Harbor National Memorial (since March 2019) | Pearl Harbor |
-World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monumen (2008-2019)| Wikipedia Article |

Passport to Pearl Harbor
Includes admission to all four Pearl Harbor historic sites Visiting all four sites takes 6-8 hours.
1. USS Arizona Memorial Tour (75 minutes)
2. USS Missouri (2 to 3 hours)
3. Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum (1-2 hours)
4. USS Bowfin Submarine (60 minutes)

Ford Island
- Ford Island Tours by Pearl Harbor Tours
- Wikipedia "Ford Island" Encyclopedic Article

Aviation Museum
The former Pacific Aviation Museum on Ford Island in Pearl Harbor is now known as the "Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum".
- Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum - Official Web Site
- Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum - Ford Island Control Tower
- Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum - Hangar 37 |
- Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum - Hangar 79 |
- Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum - Aircraft Collection |
- Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum - Flight Simulator |

Arizona Battleship
The USS Arizona Memorial was closed to visitors beginning in May of 2018 due to a failure of the anchoring system for its dock. $2.1 million was awarded for the repairs as of March 28, 2019. The U.S. National Parks Service is estimating repairs will be completed by the Fall of 2019, in time for the December 7, 2019 Pearl Harbor Day remembrance activities.
USS Arizona Memorial - May 2018 Closure
USS Arizona Memorial | Pearl Harbor |
USS Arizona Memorial Visitors Center | Shoreline of Pearl Harbor |

Bowfin Submarine
USS Bowfin Submarine History
USS Bowfin Submarine Museum and Park
USS Bowfin Submarine Museum Indoor Exhibits
USS Bowfin Submarine Museum Outdoor Exhibits

Oklahoma Battleship
USS Oklahoma Battleship History
USS Oklahoma Memorial | Ford Island | Pearl Harbor |
USS Oklahoma Memorial Brochure (PDF)

Utah Battleship
USS Utah Battleship Memorial | Ford Island | Pearl Harbor |

Missouri Battleship
- USS Missouri Battleship History | Ford Island | Pearl Harbor |
- USS Missouri Battleship Memorial | Ford Island | Pearl Harbor |

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