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USS Oklahoma Being Attacked by the Japanese
Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Hawaii

Pictures of the USS Oklahoma being attacked by Japanese fighter planes in Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

Water Rising From the USS Oklahoma
Water rises from the USS Oklahoma in the dramatic opening moments of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

USS Virginia & USS Oklahoma From Japanese Fighter
Aerial view from Japanese fighter shows hits on the USS Oklahoma and the USS West Virginia.

USS Shaw

PR-192 - USS Shaw
The forward magazine of the USS Shaw explodes.

USS West Virginia

PR-82 - USS West Virginia
Oil from the USS West Virginia spreads into the waters of Pearl Harbor in this aerial view from a Japanese bomber.

PR-83 USS West Virginia
Oil gushes from a strike on the USS West Virginia as more torpedoes track toward Battleship Row.

PR-86 - USS West Virginia
Fighting fires on the sunken USS West Virginia.

PR-90 - USS West Virginia and USS Arizona
Fire and smoke pour from the battleships Arizona (right) and West Viginia (left).

PR-94 - USS West Virginia
Sailors rescue survivor alongside the sunken USS West Virginia.

Pearl Harbor

PR-96 - Aiea
View of the attack on Pearl Harbor from Aiea Heights.

PR-98 - Sky Over Pearl Harbor
Shellfire and smoke from anti-aircraft fire fill the sky over Pearl Harbor.

PR-416 - USS Oglala and USS Helena
View toward drydock #1. At center, capsized USS Oglala and the damaged USS Helena.

PR-422 - View From Ford Island
View from Ford Island-USS Utah, capsized, USS Tangier, far left, USS Raleigh listing to port, far right.

PR-425 - Cleanup on Ford Island
Clean up begins on Ford Island. Smoke from the USS Shaw in the background.

Japanese Photos

PR-103 - Zuikaku Japanese Aircraft Carrier
Japanese Nakajima B5N2 Kate bomber launching off the deck of the carrier Zuikaku.

PR-511 - Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto.
Imperial Japanese Navy Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto.

PR-1256 - Japanese Fighter Over Pearl Harbor
Nakajima B52N "Kate" fighter from the carrier Zuikaku flying over Pearl Harbor.

PR-1616 - Torpedos on the Japanese Carrier Akagi
Two torpedos rest on the deck of the Japanese Navy carrier Akagi.


PR-105 - Bellows Beach
Japanese midget submarine beached at Bellows on the windward side of Oahu.

PR-159 - Bellows Field
One ot the B17C's that flew in from California during the attack lays wrecked at Bellows Field.

PR-160 - Bellows Field
A damaged P-40 rests on the runway at Bellows Field after the attack.

Hickam AFB

PR-201 - Hickam AFB
The U.S. Flag flies over Hickam Field after the attack.

PR-241 - Hickam AFB
Wreckage of barracks from Parade Ground off Hanger Ave., Hickam Air Base

PR-248 - Hickam AFB
A wrecked Army Air Corps B17C near Hangar #5 Hickam Field, that arrived from California during the attack.

Wheeler Field

PR-285 - Wheeler Field
Soldier looks over P-40 remains at Wheeler Field. Hanger#4 in background.


PR-297 - General Short, Lord Mountbattan, Admiral Kimmel
Lord Louis Mountbatten, center, Lt. General Walter Short, left, Admiral Husband Kimmel, right.

PR-552 - U.S. President Delivers War Message
FDR delivers the "War Message" on December 8, 1941 to a joint session of Congress.


PR-1276 - Ewa MCAS
The skeleton of a burned Vought SB2U-3 "Vindicator" sits on the tarmac at Ewa Marine Corps Air Station.

PR-1293 - Ewa MCAS
Wrecked 1938 Ford ambulance belonging to the Ewa Marine Corps Air Station.

PR-1301 - Ewa MCAS
Marines armed with Springfield 03 rifles take up positions at Ewa Marine Corps Air Station.


PR-1336 - Kaneohe NAS
Navy personnel on the seaplane ramp at Kaneohe Naval Air Station move a damaged PBY-5 seaplane to safety.

PR-1339 - Kaneohe NAS
PBY-5 airplanes burn near Hanger #1, Kaneohe Naval Air Station.

PR-1344 - Kaneohe NAS
PBY-5 seaplanes burn out of control on tarmac at Kaneohe Naval Air Station.

Other Photos

PR-262 - Tent Barracks (Hickam or Wheeler?)
Remains of tent barracks after Japanese bomber attack.

PR-1080 - USS Phoenix, USS West Virginia, USS Arizona
The USS Phoenix steams down the Ford Island channel past the USS West Virginia (l) and the USS Arizona (r).

PR-1111 - USS Shaw
The USS Shaw on fire after the attack.

PR-1441 - USS Narwhat at Submarine Base
9:15 a.m. USS Narwhal at the submarine base in a view looking toward naval shipyard.

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