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Introduction to the Waterfalls of Maui

Most of the waterfalls on Maui Island are on the 52 mile road to Hana, but a few are in southeast Maui, and there are even a couple on the dry side of the island, in West Maui.

Hana Highway Waterfalls

Hanawi Falls
- on the road to Hana
- between Garden of Eden and Kaumahina State Wayside Park
- there is a smaller fall downstream
- there isa taller fall upstream (but suippery hike)
- between Garden of Eden and Kaumahina State Wayside Park
- don't drink the water

Alaalaula Falls
- The Alaalaula Bridge crosses a small waterfall
- off the Hana highway just beyond marker 46

Blue Angel Falls
- on the road to hana
- aka Heleleikeoha Falls
- water falls into a pool with boulders in it
- people swim in the pool
- pool has beautiful views of the ocean

Haipuaena Falls
- Off the Hana highway
- smaller, wider, falls downstream
- taller falls upstream (but very slippery hike)
- half mile past marker 11 on road to hana, between Garden of Eden and Kaumahina State Wayside Park
- trail starts beyond the bridge
- park in turnout
(sometimes spelled Haipuena?)

Makapipi Falls
- On the hana highway at a turnout at the 25.2 mile marker
- view of the waterfall is from the top
- turnout is just past the Makapipi Stream

Paihi Falls
- aka paihi roadside falls
- at mile marker 45.1 on hana highway
- difficult location to photograph because it's viewed from a narrow bridge with auto traffic

Puaa Luu Falls
- before marker 43 on hana highway
- cross bridge to turnout
- walk by path from tree
- just before mile marker 43 a bridge crosses the Puaa Luu Stream
- park a that turnout on the inland side of the road
- cross the road to where the path begins next to a large tree

Puohokamoa Falls Upper and Lower Puahokamoa Falls
- on the hana highway, a feet off the highweay
- 20 feet high
- sometimes little water, sometimes a torrent
- spills into pool
- sheltered picnic area by falls - Main Puohokamoa fall is about 10 minutes upstream... drops over a 200 foot clif... trail is slippery and dnagerous. better to view from Puohokamoa falls lookout.

Waikamoi Falls
- Off the Hana highway
- Only has water after a rainfall
- If it's flowing you can see it as the Hana road drops down to the Waikamoi Stream , at the 10.1 mile marker Wailuaiki Falls and Bridge
- Off the hana highway at about marker 21.0
- Under the bridge over the Wailuaiki Stream

Wailua Falls
- Hana Highway at marker 44.8
- Waterfall is on the Honolewa Stream, not on the Wailua Streem.
- (Kanahualii Falls and Waihiumalu Falls are on the Wailua Stream)
- I think there is also a Wailua Falls on Kauai

Other East Maui Waterfalls

Oheo Gulch Pools and Waterfalls
- Sevreal small waterfalls that spill into each other
- Can be seen while hiking the Pipiwai Trail
- Pool is dangerous when there are flash floods

Makahiku Falls
- 200 feet tall
- Can be viewed from the Pipiwai Trail in Oheo Gulch
- Pool for swimming at the top of the falls

Waikani Falls
Upper Waikani Falls, aka Three Bears Falls
- at marker 19.5
- many tour buses stop here
- there's a trail leading to the base of the falls

Waimoku Falls
- southeast maui
- on the Pipiwai Trail
- waterfalls drops 400 feet down lava rock cliff
- into pool with boulders

West Maui Waterfalls

Makamakaole Falls
There are 2 falls, an upper and a lower
- West Maui on the Kahekili Highway (one lane highway)
- can be seen from the highway (just past mile marker 8)
- carved into a rocky wall
- be careful when stopping to view because this is on a 1 lane road

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