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How to Get the Best Hotel Rate

Tips and procedures for getting the best rates for overnight accommodations. Learn the retail price of the room you want, but note that retail prices fluctuate wildly. But at least look at the rates published on the hotel's Web site and also phone them to find out if any better deals are available. Sometimes yu can get the best deal by purchasing air fare or car rental along with your hotel room.
    -Check Hotel Web Site
    Check the hotel's official Web site. be sure to look for special packages and also for special prices offered to seniors, members of AAA, members of AARP, etc.

    -2. Phone Hotel Directly
    Call the hotel directly and try to get a better deal, either by paying a lower rate, getting an upgraded room, getting free parking, or breakfast included. After you get a price from any hotel, always ask if they have any special deals available during that time period. I always like to book directly with a hotel if I can get a decent rate from them. Often (but not always) you can get the cheapest rate booking directly with a hotel if you book yoru room on their Web site. Before you book through a third party site, make sure you can get your frequent flyer miles or other incentive benefits if you don't book directly with the hotel. Some people think you have a better chance of getting the least desirable room if you book through a third party broker.

    -3. Check Main Travel Web Sites
    Check the main travel sites, expecially Orbitz, Expedia, and Travelocity, to see if you can get a better deal, possibly by purchasing a package deal.

    -4. Check Discount Hotel Sites
    Check discount hotel broker Web sites such as,,,,,, and (note that was aquired by Orbitz)

    -5. Check Blind Booking Hotel Sites Check the sites where you won't know the name of your hotel in advance, such as and With Priceline and Hotwire, you can sometimes get a very good deal if you use their "excess inventory" service, but you won't know the name of your hotel until the booking is complete. In some cases you will bid on your hotel room with those services. Both of those companies also give deals when you do know your hotel in advance, but these savings may not be as high. The Web site is a place where hotel room and travel services bidders share their experiences. If you decide to bid on the room, be sure to educate yourself in advance, and know what similar rooms are going for elsewhere, so you can make a suitably low bid.

Note that the price difference between hotel broker Web sites and official hotel Web sites is narrowing. Many hotels and some discount travel Web sites now guarantee their online rate will be the lowest possible rate (they will refund the difference).

More Ideas for Getting the Best Hotel Rate

Don't Travel During Peak Periods
Book during a travel region's low season. Find out exactly when the lowest rates begin and end so none of your travel days will be in the peak period. Look for weekend deals at business hotels, and look for weekday deals at popular weekend B&B's and holiday resorts.

Join Frequent Traveler Programs
Credit cards that let you earn miles or hotel credits, frequent flying programs, frequent hotel stay programs, etc. Check for frequent traveler tips and special deals.

Try to bargain with a hotel for a better rate.

Ask for special discounts such as AAA, AARP, military personnel, etc.

Weekend deals at business

Avoid Hidden Costs:
-- Parking fees
-- Internet fees
-- safe deposit boxes
-- fitnes centers
-- phone calls (don't make them from your hotel room)

Instead of using expensive hotel room service, order from an outside restaurant or cafe that delivers.

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