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Update on 2006 Kauai Travel Conditions

In early 2006 the island of Kauai experienced unusually heavy rainfall. During that stormy period, a dam in the Kilauea area of the Kauai's northshore was breached, causing heavy flooding. Here are some "Frequently Asked Questions and Answers" from the Kauai Visitors Bureau about traveling to Kauai in the Spring of 2006.

FROM THE KAUAI VISITORS BUREA ON MARCH 21, 2006: "You may have heard or read about the unusually heavy rainfall that the island of Kauai has experienced during March. To assist with your travel planning and help alleviate any concerns you may have, we have put together answers to the most commonly asked questions being received from visitors these days."

QUESTION: I’m scheduled to visit Kauai in the next few weeks. Should I still plan to go?
ANSWER: Absolutely, Kauai is open for business and expect to have a great time!

QUESTION: Is Lihue Airport open and still have regular flights?
ANSWER: Yes. There has been no interruption of service at Lihue Airport. All incoming and outgoing flights are operating normally.

QUESTION: Are all the hotels on Kauai open for business?
ANSWER: Yes! All accommodations are open and welcome your business.

QUESTION: Can I swim in the water when I come to Kauai?
ANSWER: As a general rule, the Department of Health advises people to stay out of the water immediately after a storm due to health and safety concerns. This week, in particular, it’s best to check with your hotel concierge, outfitter or rental company before going in.

QUESTION: Is this a normal amount of rain for March?
ANSWER: No! The heavy rainfall that Kauai has experienced this month is an extremely rare and unusual occurrence.

QUESTION: I heard the island was completely flooded -- is that true?
ANSWER: No. In the Kilauea area of the north shore, there was a breach in the Ka Loko earthen dam that caused isolated heavy flooding in this one area. The rest of the island is unaffected.

QUESTION: Is there a chance this reservoir or other reservoirs could break?
ANSWER: State and county officials have been pumping water from reservoirs most affected by the heavy rainfall and are monitoring them on a continual basis.

QUESTION: Where can I get more information about the weather on Kauai?
ANSWER: An excellent online source for up-to-date weather information is www.noaa.gov. Or you can call the National Weather Service for regularly updated messages at 808-245-6001.

QUESTION: Is there a phone number I can call anytime for visitor information?
ANSWER: Yes. Call 1-800-262-1400, the toll-free number for the Kauai Visitors Bureau.

QUESTION: Is there a website where I can receive more information about Kauai?
ANSWER: Yes. Visit the Kauai Visitors Bureau’s website at KauaiDiscovery.com.

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