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About Kahoolawe Island

A collection of news articles about the Hawaiian island of Kahoolawe from the Honolulu Advertiser and the Honolulu Star Bulletin newspapers.

Brief History of Kahoolawe Island
This history of Kahoolawe covers the period from 1826, when the island was used as a penal colony, to the ranching period, the forest reserve period, the military period, and the present day.

Military History of Kahoolawe Island
In 1941 the United States Navy leased Kahoolawe from the Kahoolawe Ranch, so the island could use for military training and target practice. The U.S. Military conducted training exercises on Kahoolawe from 1941 to 1990. In 1993, the state of Hawaii created the Kahoolawe Island Reserve Commission (KIRC) and on November 11, 2003, the Navy formally turned control of the island over to the state of Hawaii. The KIRC is in the process of restoring native vegetation and protecting cultural artifacts.

Kahoolawe Virtual Field Trip
An online tour of Kahoolawe Island with photos taken by student researchers led by University of Hawaii geography professor Tom Giambelluca.

Kahoolawe News Articles by Year

- Jan 30: The Fight for Kahoolawe

- Nov 27: Plants Soften Scars on island of Kahoolawe
- Nov 23: Maui Nursery Making Kahoolawe Green
- Jul 31: Fish, Hope Fourish Off Kahoolawe
- Apr 13: An Earlier Rescue of Barren Isle

- Oct 23: Kahoolawe Embraces Voyagers
- Apr 28: Kahoolawe Reaches Another Big Milestone
- Apr 11: Kahoolawe Plan Calls for Money, Volunteers
- Mar 15: Three Workers Hurt in Kahoolawe Explosion
- Feb 23: Treasure Trove of Artifacts Found on Kahoolawe
- Feb 19: Statewide Kahoolawe Meetings Begin

- Nov 19: Film on George Helm Jr. Nears Reality
- Nov 13: Ceremony at Palace Marks Return of Kahoolawe
- Nov 13: Hawaiians Upset Over Rejected Visit to Kahoolawe
- Nov 11: Kahoolawe Restoration Group Taking Root
- Nov 10: Navy Cleanup End Brings Loss of Civilian Jobs
- Oct 23: Formal Kahoolawe Ceremony Being Planned
- Feb 08: We Don't Need Renewed Tension Over Kahoolawe

- Nov 24: Clearing Ordinance From Kahoolawe
- Apr 27: Target Isle Will Remain Risky
- Feb 20: Kahoolawe Reservoir Project Planned
- Feb 19: You Can't Plug In On Kahoolawe
- Jan 18: Kahoolawe Plan Includes Culture Centers, Camp Sites
- Jan 16: Campsites Proposed for Kahoolawe

- Nov 26: Trying to Restore Kahoolawe Plant Life
- Jul 02: Groups Converge on Kahoolawe to Greet Crew
- Jun 30: Monk Seal Born on Kahoolawe
- Jun 27: The Ghost of Helm Lingers
- May 19: Kahoolawe Smithsonian Exhibit Gets Funding

- May 11: Kahoolawe Cleanup Plan Not Enough
- Apr 01: Kahoolawe Will Not be Clear by Turnover

- Sep 18: Group Hopes to Reforest Kahoolawe Summit
- Jul 03: Kahoolawe Going Back to Native Foliage
- Mar 14:Frequently Asked Questions About Kahoolawe Island Kahoolawe Planners Vote for Fishing Ban
- Mar 14: Kahoolawe Trek Provides Peace and Renewal

- Aug 20: Restoring Kahoolawe

About Kahoolawe Island

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