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Bus Transportation on Oahu Island

Information about traveling by bus on the island of Oahu. Includes bus routes, ticket prices, and where to find bus stops, bus schedules, and bus guide book

Oahu is the only Hawaiian island with really excellent and reliable public transportation. The City and County of Honolulu's bus system is simply called "The Bus", the fare is onlhy $2 per ride and the system's bus routes cover the entire island of Oahu.

The Bus
City and County of Honolulu bus system providing affordable transportation between most of the towns and neighborhoods on Oahu Island. Multiple day visitor passes are available.

Photo of An Oahu Bus
In this picture of a City and County of Honolulu bus you can see bus's route number and destination displayed above the front window and also at the top of one of the side windows.

Waikiki Bus Stops
Most of the bus stops in Waikiki are on both sides of Kuhio Avenue. Kuhio Avenue runs parallel to the beachfront Kalakaua Avenue, about two short blocks further inland. Waikiki bus stops are located approximately every two blocks on Kuhio Avenue.

Bus Schedules and Routes
Where to pick up Honolulu bus schedules and information about eastbound and westbound Oahu bus destinations, timetables, and route maps.

Visitor Bus Passes Four day visitor bus passes are available at all of Waikiki's many ABC Stores. Those passes cost $20 and they are good for unlimited bus rides on four

Bus Guide Books for Visitors
Obun Hawaii publishes a $5 booklet entitled "TheBus: Map and Guide Book" that that visitors can pick up at any ABC store in Waikiki. I highly recommend this booklet because while free bus schedules are available at libraries, markets and other public places on Oahu, most visitors are not sure which schedules they need for the places they want to go. The map and guide book published by Obun is only $5 ($7.50 for the Japanese version) and it was written specifically for visitors. It has bus route maps, very specific instructions for taking the bus to Oahu's most popular visitor attraction, and lots of helpful tips about riding the bus on Oahu. There is another Honolulu Bus Book that I have not actually read myself called "Michael Brein's Guide to Honolulu and Oahu By Bus". That booklet is available at Amazon.com and other bookstores, usually for $8 to $10.

Regular Oahu Bus Fares
Adult bus fares on Oahu are $2.00 per ride and free transfers are available for additional rides within two hours after you leave the bus. If you want a free transfer, just ask the bus driver. Monthly bus passes are available for $40 and yearly bus passes are available for $440. Annual bus passes for seniors age 65 and older are $30. Yep, you heard right, that's $30 per year. Hawaii has great respect for its elder population.

How to Pay On the Bus
If you have a bus pass you can just show it to the bus driver. If you are paying cash you can drop your coins or feed your bills into the fare box located next to the driver.

Oahu Bus Passenger Security Guidelines
Safety tips for Oahu, Honolulu, and Waikiki bus riders from the City and County of Honolulu.

Wheelchairs and Bicycles on the Oahu Bus
All of Oahu's can accommodate wheelchairs. Sometimes the seats toward the front of the bus will need to be folded up to accommodate wheelchairs. Bicycles are not permitted inside the bus but many of Oahu's buses have outside racks that can accommodate up to two bicycles. In this Oahu bus picture you can see a double bicycle rack mounted on the front of thebus.

Taking the Oahu Bus To...
- Airports/Harbors
- Attractions
- Beaches
- Cultural Places
- Ecological Places
- Entertainment
- Government Offices
- Memorials
- Museums/Arts
- Religious Places
- Scenic Spots
- Shopping Centers
- Universities

News About the Oahu Bus System
Articles and news about the public bus transportion system on Oahu operated by the City and County of Honolulu.

All Transportation on Oahu

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