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Hunting Tours on Niihau Island

Information about activities on Niihau Island.

Niihau Safaris Ltd was estabished in 1992 by the Robinson family, owners Niihau Island and Niihau Helicopters, Inc.

Wild Polynesian boar and hybrid feral sheep are abundant on the island. Limited hunting is also available for wild eland, wild aoudad (barbary sheep) and wild oryx.

When the curent owner family first arrived in 1864 they introduced sheep to the island. Island residents have hunted pigs and sheep for food for many generations.

The owners of niihau island formed Niihau Safairs to implement programmed harvesting of sheep and pigs to prevent those animals from damaging Niihau Island.

Hunting Tours on Niihau is done according to the principles of free chase.

Hunters of all ages and with all levels of abilities are welcome, including youth and family hunts.

Hunts originate on kauai Island

Prices range from $700 per day for a non-hunting observer to $1,950 per day for a hunter, with a 4-hunter minumum. Discounts are available for the spouse and minor children of a hunter. Large trophy fees are charged for hunting Aoudad and Eland.

More Information by Phone: 1-877-441-3500
More Information by Email: niihauislandat hawaiian dot net

Niihau Hunting Safaris
These Niihau hunting safaris depart from Kauai and a typical trip includes helicopter transportation to Niihau, ground transportation on the island, lunch, and permission to shoot one wild Polynesian boar and one hybrid sheep.
Daily Rates Include:
- One Polynesian Boar
- One Hybrid Sheep
- Round Trip air transportation to Niihau
- Transportation on Niihau
- One Guide
- A skinning crew
- Lunch, snacks and cold soft drinks and juice
- Packing and skinning of animals
- Trophy care in the field
- Boxing of horns and skins for taxidermist
- Wild Eland on Niihau Island

Other Activities on Niihau Island

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