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1941 Attack on Pearl Harbor
A to Z

An alphabetical index to all of the information on this Web site about the December 7, 1941 Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor.

- A -
All Pictures
Auxiliary Ships

- B -
Battleship Row
Battleships Damaged

- C -
Cruisers Damaged

- D -
Destroyers Damaged

- E -
Ewa Marine Corps Air Station Attack

- G -

- H -
Hickam Air Force Base Attack

- I -
Index to All Pearl Harbor Attack Information

- J -
Japanese Photos of the Pearl Harbor Attack

- K -
Kaneohe Marine Corps Air Station Attack

- O -
Other Ships Attacked

- P -
Photo 0012 (a) (USS Arizona)
Photo 0012 (b) (USS Arizona)
Photo 0081 (USS Oklahoma and Aerial View)
Photo 0082 (USS West Virginia and Battleship Row)
Photo 0083 (USS West Virginia and Battleship Row)
Photo 0085 (USS Arizona After the Attack)
Photo 0086 (Fighting USS West Virginia Fire)
Photo 0090 (USS Arizona and USS West Virginia)
Photo 0093 (USS Maryland and USS Oklahoma)
Photo 0094 (Rescuing USS West Virginia Survivors)
Photo 0096 (View of Attack from Aiea Heights)
Photo 0098 (View of Sky Over Pearl Harbor)
Photo 0103 (Japanese Bomber Being Launched)
Photo 0105 (Japanese Sub Beached at Bellows)
Photo 0159 (Damaged B-17 Plane at Bellows)
Photo 0160 (Damaged P-40 Plane at Bellows)
Photo 0192 (USS Shaw Forward magazine Exploding)
Photo 0201 (US Flag Over Hickam Field)
Photo 0241 (Hickam Barracks Smoking)
Photo 0248 (Wrecked B17 P;ane at Hickam)
Photo 0262 (Tent Parracks After Attack)
Photo 0285 (Wrecked P-40 Plane at Wheeler)
Photo 0297 (Military Personnel)
Photo 0364 (Color pic of USS AZ on Fire)
Photo 0400 (USS California Sinking)
Photo 0415 (USS Maryland and USS Oklahoma)
Photo 0416 (USS Oglala and USS Helena)
Photo 0422 (USS Tangier and USS Raleigh)
Photo 0425 - Ford Island Cleanup & USS Shaw)
Photo 0464 - Viwe from Jaapanese Fighter Plane)
Photo 0511 - Japanese Admiral Yamamoto)
Photo 0552 - Roosevelt Delivers War Message)
Photo 0585 (USS California Sinking)
Photo 1000 - Sandbagged Defense Positions)
Photo 1056 - Rescue Workers on USS Oklahoma)
Photo 1080 (USS Phoenix and Burning Ships)
Photo 1111 (USS Shaw on Fire)
Photo 1256 (Japanese Plane Over Pearl Harbor)
Photo 1276 (Burned Airplane At Ewa)
Photo 1293 (Ewa MCAS Ambulance)
Photo 1301 (Marines at Ewa MCAS)
Photo 1336 (Moving Seaplane in Kaneohe)
Photo 1339 (Airplanes Burning in Kaneohe)
Photo 1344 - Seaplanes Burning in Kaneohe)
Photo 1441 (USS Wharhal at Submarine Base)
Photo 1616 )Torpedos on Japanese Carrier)
Photo 1617 - Aerial View of Wheeler & Schofield
Photo g19930
Photo g19942
Photo g19943
Photo g19949
Photo g32456
Photo g32463
Photo g32532
Photo g32580
Photo g32640
Photo g32669
Photo g32691
Photo g32704
Photo g32750
Photo g32836
Photo g32917
Photo g32953
Photo g33035
Photo g266626
Photo g387565
Photo g474789
Photo h50140
Photo h50472
Photo h50603
Photo h50766
Photo h50931
Photo h50932
Photo h60672
Photo h64474
Photo h64478
Photo h83060
Photo h83066
Photo h84007
Photo h86118
Photo h95569
Photo h97377
Photo h97378
Photo h97399
Photo h97400
Photo k13513
Photo kn32031

- S -
Ships Attacked
Ships Sunk
Sites Attacked

- U -
USS Arizona Battleship
USS California Battleship
USS Cassin Destroyer Ship
USS Downes Destroyer Ship
USS Helena Cruiser Ship
USS Helm Destroyer Ship
USS Honolulu Cruiser Ship
USS Maryland Battleship
USS Missouri Battleship
USS Narwhal Submarine
USS Nevada Battleship
USS Oglala Mine Warfare Ship
USS Oklahoma Battleship
USS Pennsylvania Battleship
USS Phoenix Light Cruiser Ship
USS Raleigh Cruiser Ship
USS Shaw Mahan Class Destroyer Ship
USS Tangier AV-8 Cargo Ship
USS Tennessee Battleship
USS Utah Florida Class Battleship
USS West Virginia Battleship

- W -
Websites about the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor
Wheeler Air Force Base Attack

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- Photos of the Pearl Harbor Attack
- Planning a Visit to Pearl Harbor
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